Join The Nation on our 7-night Alaskan Cruise — August 13th – 20th, 2023 — to come together with friends and family and Nation experts.

We’ll set sail from Seattle, WA after a special Seattle-based event, cruise through Puget Sound and the unforgettable Hubbard Glacier. The cruise will also feature whale-watching and stops in rough-hewn Ketchikan and Alaska’s capital, Juneau. Visit some of the most beautiful and unique places in the world. Imagine majestic tidewater glaciers, iconic animals roaming freely, breaching whales, colorful Klondike Gold Rush history and wide-open spaces of incomparable beauty.

Join Katrina vanden Heuvel, Elie Mystal, Shannon Watts, Christina Greer, Kali Holloway, Kimberle Crenshaw, Zephyr Teachout, Joan Walsh, Michael Klare, John Nichols, Sasha Abramsky and Robert Borosage with more to be announced soon!

We’ll discuss and debate Election 2024, the future of progressive politics and the fragile state of democracy, war and peace, hopeful signs of a resurgent labor movement, the fight to save reproductive rights in the US, the on-going fight for racial justice, a rapidly escalating climate crisis, what COVID-19 has shown us about our public health infrastructure and averting the next pandemic, and much more. We’ll also find time to share stories and laughter with old friends and new.

You can read more about the current health and safety protocols Holland America is taking here.

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