Rep.-Elect Jamaal Bowman and Nation editorial director and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel will lead an urgent conversation about the upcoming elections and how progressive insurgents can legislate radical change. 

Bowman is a New York educator and the Democratic nominee for New York’s 16th congressional district. The former principal of a Bronx middle school, Bowman is the latest young progressive to challenge the Democratic Party establishment.

This past July, insurgent candidate Bowman shocked the Democratic establishment by defeating Representative Eliot L. Engel, overcoming the attempts of old-guard party elite like Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to save a 16-term incumbent.

A first-time candidate with a fiery anti-establishment message, Mr. Bowman ran a campaign that built firmly on the pillars of current progressive policy: reforming the criminal justice system, addressing income inequality and embracing Medicare for All. He also preached about the need for broader social changes such as what he called “righting the wrongs of our country’s history toward a better future.”