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What does it mean to be Anti-Imperialist in the 21st century? Is internationalism—once the standard for the global left—still a viable idea in today’s multipolar world? And, if so, how can it best be achieved? What would a progressive US foreign policy look like? And what lessons can be learned from Afghanistan? Iraq? Zimbabwe? Syria? Libya? Myanmar? Is intervention by the US ever justified–and if so, under what conditions? Or, is a policy of non-engagement the better course? This group of deeply-informed experts on US foreign-policy, the Middle East and the global left will discuss and debate fundamental questions of global equity, self-determination, international human rights and empire.

Join the debate on May 19 with Gilbert Achcar, Nadje Al-Ali, Phyllis Bennis, Bill Fletcher, Jr., D.D. Guttenplan and the event’s host, Katrina vanden Heuvel. This event will run for 90 minutes to 1:30pm ET.

Tickets are $10. All proceeds directly support The Nation’s journalism. We hope you will join us! There will be ample time devoted to audience questions and conversation. All ticket-holders will also be sent a link to the recording the following day. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].