Peter Rothberg

Associate Publisher, Special Projects


Peter Rothberg is the The Nation’s associate publisher.

Protesting an Attack on Iraq Protesting an Attack on Iraq

The Republican landslide on November 5 was a sobering reality for progressives, but this GOP ascendance has done nothing to tamp down the enthusiasm and energy of the emerging ant...

Nov 23, 2002 / Blog / Peter Rothberg

Death Row Roll Call Death Row Roll Call

As Robert Sherrill made clear in his award-winning Nation essay of January 8, 2001, the death penalty is a bad deal all around. Not only is it ineffective in deterring crime, it'...

Nov 8, 2002 / Blog / Peter Rothberg

Election Day Matters! Election Day Matters!

If everyone out there who's worried about the Bush agenda votes on November 5, we can engage in a little regime change of our own. Download , print, post and distribute MoveOn's f...

Nov 1, 2002 / Blog / Peter Rothberg

Hundreds of Thousands March for Peace Hundreds of Thousands March for Peace

It's difficult to tell given what seems to be a mainstream media brownout of the emerging US peace movement, but this past Saturday saw the largest day of antiwar protests in thi...

Oct 28, 2002 / Blog / Peter Rothberg

Show That the Public Supports Peace Show That the Public Supports Peace

Help prove that the public supports peace by donating money to the campaigns of members of Congress who voted against the war and now face tough re-election campaigns. And let th...

Oct 16, 2002 / Blog / Peter Rothberg

Protesting Bush’s War Protesting Bush’s War

You couldn't tell from press accounts, but more than 90,000 people massed last Sunday in nationwide protests against Bush's plans to invade Iraq. The New York Times reported "se...

Oct 10, 2002 / Blog / Peter Rothberg

ActNow! Launches ActNow! Launches

ActNow is aimed at helping people act on their beliefs. We hope to put readers in touch with projects and campaigns they may want to support as we feature creative ways for peopl...

Oct 8, 2002 / Blog / Peter Rothberg