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  • Sally Gardner

    Sally Gardner is an illustrator and graphic designer living in New York City. More of her work can be seen at

  • Gregg Levine

    Gregg Levine is the former national editor for Al Jazeera America digital and the former managing editor of the news blog Firedoglake.

  • Rebecca Zweig

    Rebecca Zweig is a writer and teacher living in Iowa City.

  • Nicolás Medina Mora

    Nicolás Medina Mora is a Mexican writer living in Iowa City.

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  • Joe Fournier

    Joe Fournier is an award-winning cartoonist whose work appears in the Chicago Tribune three times a week. More of his work can be seen at

  • Bilal Johnson

    Bilal Johnson, who performs as Buddha Lee Raye, has been adding to the NYC subway signage matching icon stickers that expand the messages and give commuters a double-take.

  • Megan McLemore

    Megan McLemore is a senior health and human-rights researcher at Human Rights Watch.

  • Spencer Piston

    Spencer Piston is an assistant professor of political science at Boston University, and the author of the forthcoming book Class Attitudes in America. He tweets at @SpencerPiston.

  • Michael de Adder

    Michael de Adder is a freelance cartoonist who works for the Toronto Star and the Halifax Chronicle Herald.