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  • Larry Siems

    Larry Siems is a writer and human-rights advocate. He edited and introduced Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s Guantánamo Diary and is the author of The Torture Report: What the Documents Say About America’s Post-9/11 Torture Program.

  • Richard Eskow

    Richard Eskow is a writer and a Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America's Future. He is also the host of The Zero Hour, and syndicated radio show and television news program.

  • Haymarket Books

    Haymarket Books is a radical, independent, nonprofit book publisher based in Chicago, a project of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change.

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  • Tom Cutterham

    Tom Cutterham is a lecturer in United States history at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. His book, Gentlemen Revolutionaries: Power and Justice in the New American Republic, is out this summer from Princeton University Press.

  • Skanda Kadirgamar

    Skanda Kadirgamar is an editorial intern at The Nation.

  • Shekinah Mondoua

    Shekinah Mondoua is a freshman at Montgomery College in Maryland. He writes frequently for the online magazine Affinity.

  • Abbey White

    Abbey White is a freelancer and culture/identities intern for Vox. She has written for Paste Magazine, USA Today Network, 5280 Magazine, and The Mary Sue.

  • Danielle Wolffe

    Danielle Wolffe is a writer and poet based in Brooklyn.