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Subscription Services: Help and FAQs for Your Nation Subscription

Welcome to the Nation's new Subscription Services pages!

First-Time Subscribers

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Current Subscribers

Manage Your Subscription

If you already have a subscriber log-in and would like to renew, change your address, switch to digital, make a payment, report a missing issue, check your expiration date, give a gift and more, CLICK HERE.

International Subscribers

If you are a subscriber and NOT a resident of the US or Canada, and you are seeking information regarding your subscription, please visit: www.thenation.com/managesubscription and log in with your last name and account number.
Please note: Unfortunately, our systems CANNOT accept an international address at this time.
If you do not know your account number, please email: NANCustServ@cdsfulfillment.com

About The Nation

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Current subscribers can log in to our new subscription service center to manage your subscription. By logging in, you will be able to:

  • Renew your subscription
  • Change your address
  • Switch to Digital
  • Make a payment
  • Report a missing issue
  • Check your expiration date
  • Give a gift
  • and more!

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Important: At this time, The Nation cannot troubleshoot your eReader device. If you are having trouble reading The Nation on your device, please contact the vendor directly. For contact information or to learn more about reading The Nation on your eReader device, please click here.

Help With Your Subscription

As always, you may contact a customer service representative by calling our toll-free number: 800-333-8536. You may also email us at: NANCustServ@cdsfulfillment.com

Online Technical Assistance

For online technical assistance, please email NANtech@cdsfulfillment.com or call 800-710-9167.

*Subscriber Alert*

It has come to our attention that our subscribers are receiving illegitimate new marketing and/or renewal promotions from companies regarding their subscription. FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT: www.thenation.com/renewalscam

To date, the companies go by these names:

  • Billing Services Association (BSA)
  • Billing Services of America (BSA)
  • Circulation Billing Center (CBC)
  • Circulation Billing Services (CBS)
  • Magazine Billing Network (MBN)
  • Magazine Billing Services (MBS)
  • Magazine Distribution Services (MDS)
  • National Magazine Services (NMS)
  • National Magazine Subscriptions (NMS)
  • Orbital Publishing Group (OPG)
  • Periodical Billing Services (PBS)
  • Publishers Billing Association (PBA)
  • Publishers Billing Center (PBC)
  • Publishers Billing Exchange (PBE)
  • Publishers Subscription Services (PSS)
  • Readers Billing Network (RBN)
  • Readers Billing Services (RBS)
  • Readers Payment Center (RPC)
  • Readers Payment Services (RPS)
  • United Publishers Service (UPS)

We have no relationship with these companies, and we have no guarantee that subscriptions purchased from them will be sent to The Nation. We are actively investigating this situation.

For future reference, please be wary of the numerous companies that collect magazine subscriptions and renew them as a third-party agency. Note that we do use some legitimate subscription services to sell our publication. If you receive a renewal notice and are unsure of its authenticity, please call our subscriber-care department and order your renewal through them. You may contact subscriber services by calling our toll-free number, (800) 333-8536. The safest and most economically secure way is to place your order directly through our website or through the Nation's legitimate mailed notices.