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Reimagining Capitalism

Reimagining Capitalism

Reimagining Capitalism: Bold Ideas for a New Economy

True economic recovery will require creative solutions to deeply rooted problems. Our first great task is to change the way we talk about what's possible.

William Greider

Nation readers offer fresh and creative ideas on how to reimagine capitalism.
Posted Jun 17 2011 - 10:42am
Employee ownership plans carve a path toward what could be called responsible capitalism.
Posted Jun 8 2011 - 2:44pm
There is no economic demand more urgent than putting Americans back to work. The government can do this by creating an “employer of last resort” program.
Posted Jun 8 2011 - 2:36pm


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Investors who seek out companies that are meeting the long-term challenge of sustainability will have a strategic advantage.

The best way to ensure corporate accountability is to save a seat on every board for an independent watchdog.

It’s time to recognize limited liability for what it is: a subsidy for corporations paid by those hurt by malfeasance.

Capitalism in any form compels us to be greedy, callous and petty. Instead of reinventing it, we should replace it.

Auto worker

The government has the power to spur innovation and reshape the economy—but it must be willing to flex its muscle.