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Whether Ehrenreich conveniently left out race or nationality in her example of slves being imprisoned in the basement of a fat cat does not diminish her main point, as Espinozo implies. In fact, Espinozo seems intent on diverting Ehrenreich's main point and instead points the finger at "other cultures" and "white liberals."

Hmmm, spank me if I'm wrong, but that tactic (divert from the core issue) seems very much akin to "right-wing" strategies that have become so popular in, oh, let's say, the past six-seven years.

The title of the article is "CEOs vs. Slaves," and the point is not India or other countries; it's not about feudal cultures; it's not about liberalism. It is about the increasing disparity between America's "haves" and "have nots."

For empirical date to provide reasoned discourse about that chasm, the US Census Bureau is a great resource.