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In order for one to accept the author's assertion that illegal immigration is a harmless, "victimless" crime, one must first accept the unspoken assumption underlying his argument: that illegal immigration constitutes a seemingly miraculous exception to the basic economic law of supply and demand.

It doesn't. Flooding a first-world economy with workers who are willing to undercut wages by 50 percent exerts a downward pressure on wages, and destroys the bargaining power of legal workers competing for those same jobs. That's why illegal immigration is forbidden by law, in every civilized country on the planet.

When the Mexican government catches Guatemalan refugees working off-the-books in Mexico, the Mexican police arrest and deport those workers. If an Anglo-Saxon, English-speaking, college-educated 20-year-old goes to London and gets caught working under the table in a bar or restaurant, the British government arrests and deports that white, English-speaking US citizen. That white boy will never be allowed into the UK again, under British law. If a white, English-speaking American gets caught working off-the-books in Canada, the Canadian government arrests and deports that US citizen. If an Irishman gets caught working illegally in Boston, the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization arrests and deports that man back to Ireland.

It's not really about race, per se; it's about not destroying your own economy in a misguided attempt to keep the neighbors warm by burning one's own house down!

The race card is a major distraction, and actually quite racist in its pracice: Only Hispanic illegal aliens claim the bogus "right" to break a law that everyone else gets punished for breaking.