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Thank you for your article. You did an excellent job describing the political landscape here in Colorado where politicians often step on the backs of immigrants on their way up the ladder.

The civil rights violations haven't ended there. We have entered into a new era in this state. Any police officer who "suspects" someone is an undocumented immigrant may now take that person into custody and hold them until their documentation is verified. What exactly would you base that suspicion on in a nation full of immigrants?

The Colorado State Legislature is now considering many other measures that do nothing to get at the supply and demand mentioned in your article.

As a nation, if we want different results we had better start doing different things. Our trade policies, our loan policies, and our constant connection of aid dollars to political favors, continue to provide fuel for corrupt and inhumane governments, creating the economic and human disasters which spur immigration.

Regardless of where the readers stand on immigration, it is time to recognize the reality of immigration. The time for rhetoric is long past. A sane, just, rational and timely immigration system must replace the one we have now. Comprehensive immigration reform is the only way to unmarginalize a large section of our communities and to establish order.

Comprehensive immigration reform includes: 1) A path to citizenship for all members of our communities; 2) Family reunification in a timely manner; 3) Creation of a work VISA program that respects the dignity and rights of all workers; 4) A clear system for helping immigrants integrate with English classes,etc into ALL aspects of our communities; 5) Restoration of habeas corpus for ALL immigrants (currently both documented and undocumented immigrants are denied habeas corpus); 6) Protection of the rights of refugees and asylees.

The only way to secure our borders is to create a system which respects human rights and the economic reality.