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Very good article. I am afraid that Mr. Obama's campaign will be covered and analyzed in an "O. J. Lite" frenzy, with the same ridiculous context of race/racism applied.

I am particularly disturbed by otherwise intelligent Black Americans who apply a 'blackness gauge' to each other. The danger of racially identifying yourself by your station or your behavior is quite obvious. Who draws the line? When does character become caricature? Who sets the rules and standards?

We may think that we do, but we don't--it's the people in charge, and that ain't us. Who do you think the term "acting white" came from? Some weeks ago I was listening to a white Radio host talk about Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. He said that Frazier was 'blacker' than Ali because he had lived poor and was the son of a sharcropper.

Trust me, someone else is setting the standard of what being "black" is--just ask Joe Biden.