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As a Chicano here are my credentials: grew up supporting the UFW boycotts; family participated in the East LA walkouts; Union family; lived/fought in Nica/Honduras, against the Contras; worked with Reichler/Applebaum to sue the US at the World Court; worked for peace/human rights in El Salvador/Guatamala; worked with LA City to pass a sanctuary ordinance for activist in Central America.; director of programs dealing with homeless, gangs, welform, kinship ...etc...enuff said.

With that, any ILLEGAL alien in this country is a disgrace, a criminal, and needs to be sent back to their country of origin. My grandparents came here from Mexico legally...took many years, but they didn't break into our homes (country) and demand services, Spanish,..etc. Family reunification starts in Mex/Guata/Nica/Honda/El Sal..etc.!!