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May 31, 1999 Issue

  • Features

    Texaco on Trial

    Like virtually everyone else in San Carlos, Ecuador, Hugo Ureña never imagined that danger might lurk in the shiny black liquid that began appearing in the water near his home roughly thi

    Eyal Press

  • Editorials

    Protest the War

    It's time to move from dissent to action: to quickly and vigorously protest the Kosovo war.

    the Editors

  • Showdown in Moscow

    By dismissing Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov and warning that Russia may pull out of the Yugoslav peace talks, Boris Yeltsin has shown again that he will do almost anything to save his skin, ev

    the Editors

  • License to Kill in Timor

    Allan Nairn was banned from Indonesia and East Timor as a "threat to national security" after he survived the Dili massacre of 1991. Arrested and deported last year and threatened with six years in prison, he recently re-entered Indonesia without the army's permission. This is the first of a series of editorials.

    Allan Nairn

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