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May 11, 2009

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The Obama administration is giving mixed signals on global warming: claiming the right to regulate greenhouse gases but also expecting Congress to rewrite climate change regulations.

Whoever now governs the country (a point on which there was no agreement) is likely to remain resolutely indifferent to the message of Left Forum 2009.

At the Summit of the Americas, Obama went far toward repairing the damage done by two decades of disastrous economic policy.

If we are to pursue our security without abandoning our ideals, laws on groups financing terror need drastic reform.

Three months into the Obama era, the euphoria of the election has begun to dissipate.

Jane Harman's wiretap, Chávez and Obama, justice in Guatemala, a remembrance of Walter Schneir

Congress must act to remove from positions of trust those who sanctioned torture and dial down the imperial presidency that has evolved on its watch.



Obama's allowing the same Clinton-era policy makers who set us up for financial crisis make economic policy. What happened to the socially conscious guy we voted for?


Bank of America's Ken Lewis has done his bit to reinforce the idea that the CEOs who got us into this mess are a pack of liars.


After all the help that's been given to banks or extorted from the public, we have the feeling financial institutions are not doing much with the money.

We have no more hope today of saving the newspaper business than we do the telegraph business. But we can save the news.


In order to solve our problems Americans must begin to see ourselves as we really are.

The prospect of a dynastic succession could make for a messy transfer of power in the political epicenter of the Arab world.

Why dead Afghan civilians aren't collateral damage but the heart of the matter.

"Rescue socialism" won't work if it fails to go beyond quick-fix measures.

The Obama administration is sending mixed signals on how to deal with pirates.

Until the shipping community abandons its pinch-penny cynicism, piracy off the coast of Somalia is certain to grow.

The movement that elected Evo Morales--and that pressures him now--has deep roots.

Rupert Murdoch has not wrecked the Wall Street Journal, as many had predicted. But a key question remains: is the new regime committed to unbiased reporting, or will it politicize the news?

Books & the Arts


Two new histories examine contemporary liberalism's entrails and peer into its future.

A conversation with the author of The Life You Can Save about charitable giving and the utility monster argument.


With Don't Cry, a disabling self-consciousness has crept into Mary Gaitskill's fiction.

3rd Party Article

Lukas Brekke-Miesner Oakland-bred rapper Mistah FAB discusses his reaction to the city's recent high-profile violence and his hopes for the future.



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