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April 21, 2008

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Readers weigh in on our endorsement of Obama, our coverage of terrorism and our grammar.


Journalism can still make a difference, but the truth matters more. And if you can't get to the truth through journalism, there are other ways to get there.

Hard hit by rising costs and the threat of losing their rigs, truckers are staging protests, calling for a bailout and lower fuel prices. What if the rest of us joined them?

Henry Paulson's pitiful reform; Michelle Bachelet, bedeviled by Opus
Dei; Pentagon follies; and indecency in Indiana.

As Clinton rewrites the history of her support for NAFTA, Obama needs to
prove he understands what's wrong with global trade pacts.

To the humiliation of the US and Iraqi governments, the cleric's forces
have faced down the Iraqi Army and are in control of Basra and half of

New revelations of political interference in the prosecution of Gitmo
prisoners shows Team Bush scrambling to keep one step ahead of
history--and of criminal charges.


Comix Nation


By urging lawmakers to stay the course in Iraq, General David Petraeus remained loyal to his President, but failed the American people.

To view education as a profit-making business is to attack the lifelong love of learning.

In Nicholson Baker's cut-and-paste history, the "good war" is bad.


Five years ago this week, US troops stood by as mobs sacked Iraq's revered National Library and Archives. Despite little outside help, a cultural treasure soldiers on.

This week's episode: Dieter Countryman reminisces about the good ol' days of selling the first Gulf War; Connie Waller gets his freak on in Vegas.

An Iraqi translator is prosecuted and Blackwater has its contract renewed for another year, armed and dangerous in Baghdad.

In the wake of Jamie Leigh Jones's highly publicized charges, a woman comes forward with new allegations of a brutal sexual assault and cover-up at a KBR camp in Iraq.

The US occupation has torn Iraq into fragments, and sectarian militias
are on the rise.

Lobbyist Charles Black, now embroiled in controversy as a senior advisor to John McCain, was among those who aided Ahmed Chalabi's deceptive campaign for war in Iraq.

The conservative noise machine is coming around to support him--if it
can keep its stories straight.

Books & the Arts

It's National Poetry Month, and that means cooked meat.


Two new books examine the history of the first women's rights campaign.


Israel Is

Israel is he or she who wrestles

with God--call him what you will,

not some goon (with a rabbi and gun)

in a pre-fab home on a biblical hill.

Revisionist histories of the Vietnam War challenge the notion that the South Vietnam government was a dysfunctional pseudo-state.


Five books explore the sorrows and moral complexity of Irène
Némirovsky and others who suffered Nazi persecution in France.


The new film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders is the latest in a series
of stunts aimed at humiliating and scapegoating Muslims.