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April 11, 2005 Issue

  • Editorials

    In Fact …


    the Editors

  • Old Women in the Cold

    My 91-year-old friend Alice, like many elderly women, has outlived her modest savings.

    Ruth Rosen

  • Elite Protectionists

    A man-bites-dog story of momentous implications is unfolding in Washington: The US multinational establishment, having successfully championed free-trade orthodoxy for decades, may now be flirtin

    William Greider

  • It’s Easter: He Is Recut

    No flaying below the belt: That's the guiding principle behind the kinder, gentler version of Mel Gibson's biblical blood fest, which has hit the cineplex in time for the Easter season.

    Richard Goldstein

  • Missing WMD Report

    When is a priority not a priority? When it's after the election.

    David Corn

  • The Schiavo Hypocrites

    With their handling of the heart-wrenching Terri Schiavo case, George W. Bush and his Republican allies in tragedy exploitation were awash in the currency of Washington: hypocrisy.

    the Editors

  • Democrats: MIA

    After giving George W. Bush far too easy a ride in his first term, the Democratic leadership in Congress promised that the second term was going to be different.

    the Editors

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