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William D. Hartung

William D. Hartung is the director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation and a member of the Sustainable Defense Task Force.


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When it comes to the Pentagon’s new spending budget, the answer is not more money. 

Obama's new National Security Strategy overextends US military commitments at a time when severe budget deficits require significant cuts in defense spending.

Candidates should rethink their commitment to outmoded security tools and veiled nuclear threats against nonnuclear states.

Mideast stability can't be promoted with arms any more than democracy can be imposed through the barrel of a gun.

The failure of Bush's foreign policy should open the way for Democrats to
present substantial alternatives and rethink what makes us safe. Sadly,
that is not happening.

Instead of parroting the Republicans' "tough" approach to national security, Democratic candidates should distinguish themselves from the Bush Administration by, for starters, setting a date for withdrawal from Iraq.

On issues of war and peace, progressives should take heart from the fact that no matter how aggressive the Bush Administration's intentions may be, its ability to carry them out is likely to be s

The war on Iraq has made us all painfully aware of the Pentagon's growing reliance on private companies.

The Bush Administration's apparent motto: "Leave no defense contractor behind."

The US may have won the war, but US companies are in danger of losing the peace.