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Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto

Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto, Ph.D. is a MSNBC and NBCLatino Contributor and fellow at the Center for Politics and Governance at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas.


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What do the Texas Republican Party and the president have in common? Nothing, except their support of an immigrant guest worker program.

Hammered by the recession, the key Latino voting bloc is concerned with the economy and education, too.


Even more striking than the overall level of support for Obama is the sky-high margin of Latino voters he got in the Western swing states.
Romney's attempt to woo Latino voters failed—they overwhelmingly support Obama, and even more strongly in recent weeks.
Broaden participation through technology is a worthy goal, but American Elect's intention to get beyond partisanship is wearisome.
Moving beyond a single-issue focus on immigration will position the Democratic Party as the choice, not just the default option, for...
Gingrich is in that sweet spot to the right of Romney and to the left of Santorum. He's the Ying to Romney's Yang.
There is an internal tug of war between what Republicans know they should do (vote for Romney) and what they want to do (vote for Santorum).
Romney’s strategy has been to tear down those around him without giving people reasons to like him.
Texas will cap off the Southern primary elections where Santorum’s brand of conservatism could prove dangerous for Romney.