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Trudy Lieberman

Trudy Lieberman is a contributing edtor to the Columbia Journalism Review (cjr.org), where she blogs.


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Waiting lists for food aid have been growing for years—now almost 15 percent of the nation's elderly don't have enough to eat.

Humana and other insurance industry giants have been fomenting a scare campaign among seniors to keep the industry's wasteful taxpayer subsidy going.

The Obama administration is focused on cutting healthcare costs, but that may be easier said than done.

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Glendale, Calif.

He calls for universal coverage--but that's hard to get if insurance companies run the show.

Bush has turned renewal of a successful child health insurance program from a no-brainer to a battle on the future of healthcare.


Portland, Ore.

If it becomes a national model, a new, highly touted health insurance
law in Massachusetts would make American healthcare, already on life
support, take a turn for the worse.