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A web-only article "An Engaging Encounter" posted on June 21
incorrectly identified the sponsor of a pre-marriage program.
Catholic Engaged Encounter had no involvement in the program and

A forum with Ellen Willis, Martha Fineman, Patricia Hill Collins, Judith Butler, Susan Brownmiller, E.J. Graff, Michael Eric Dyson, Judith Stacey and others.

Randall Kennedy, Edmund White, Laura Kipnis, Nora Ephron, Michael Bronski, JoAnn Wypijewski, Hilton Als

With this issue, Liza Featherstone joins the masthead as a contributing editor.

GUGGENHEIM FOR GRACE: Grace Schulman, Nation poetry editor for the past thirty-two years, won a Guggenheim Fellowship to support work on a new book of poems.


Among the approximately 150,000 people who took to the streets of New York on March 20 to protest the US occupation of Iraq were six Nation interns.

We're happy to welcome to the masthead two contributing writers whose beats will include media, politics and in particular ideas and intellectual debates.


At the National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis last week, more than 3,000 people from across the United States cheered as Bill...
Just six months ago, Israeli chief of staff Dan Halutz and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert were riding high. On July 12, they had launched what...
The botched executions in Baghdad have revived public discussion of thesordid "science" of killing people in a "humane" manner. Saddam...
Does anyone in a Shakespeare play foretell President George W. Bush, who has not only committed more forces to his catastrophic war in...
On January 2, there was a strange piece of news buried in a back paragraph of a front-page New York Times story by the reportorial team of...
The bottom really does seem to be falling out of US public support forthe Bush War in Iraq. Today's papers, as expertly digested by...
At a hearing on Iraq today convened by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressman Jack Murtha offered a preview of how he plans to...
In our country, Wednesday night's "surge" was mainly a surge of words, twenty-minutes worth, 2,898 of them. In the build-up to the speech...