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Silja J.A. Talvi

Talvi's work has appeared in a wide variety newspapers and magazines nationwide, as well as several book anthologies including Body Outlaws (Seal Press, 2004, 3rd edition), Prison Nation (Rutgers, 2002), as well as an ensuing anthology, Prison Profiteers (The New Press, 2007).

In 2006, Talvi was awarded a national New American Ethnic Media award for immigration-related reporting, as well as her second consecutive national PASS award from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.

She is also the recipient of twelve regional Pacific Northwest SPJ awards for excellence in journalism. Born in Helsinki, Finland, Talvi is currently based in Seattle, where she is finishing a book about women and incarceration (Seal Press/Avalon).


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America now leads the world in the number of people behind bars. But
hope is emerging that state governments and the courts will seek to hold back
the hand of the carceral state.

If women expect to shed the cruel and calculating artifice of race in our lifetimes, we must contribute to the emerging generation of literature that deconstructs racial categories.

More than 275 women have faced charges relating to drug use during their pregnancies.

On March 22, a few hundred peaceful antiwar protesters in Seattle who
had gathered around the Federal Building suddenly found themselves being
swept down streets by officers in riot gear and th

Mattie White remembers July 23, 1999, as the day her life was turned upside down.

Roderick Johnson, a 33-year-old African-American Navy veteran from a small town in rural Texas, didn't ask for it. Prison did it to him, and his life will never be the same.