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Robert Jay Lifton

Robert Jay Lifton is the author of Superpower Syndrome: America's
Apocalyptic Confrontation With the World and Home From the War:
Learning From Vietnam Veterans, recently reissued in paperback with
a new preface on Iraq. He is also an editor of Crimes of War: Iraq, forthcoming from Nation Books.


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Knowing what America owes its dead--be they soldiers lost in
Iraq or civilians lost in the Gulf Coast storm--could prod the nation toward a decisive rejection of the Bush Administration's war policies.

Even before the Congressional hearings on the criminal abuse of Iraqi
detainees at Abu Ghraib prison, Colin Powell brought up My Lai, the
Vietnamese village where, in 1968, American troops slau


Brunswick, Me.


This Friday marks the 65th anniversary of the first use of the atomic bomb against a large city. Since that day, creative artists of every...