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Robert Dreyfuss, a Nation contributing editor, is an investigative journalist specializing in politics and national security. He is the author of Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam and is a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone, The American Prospect and Mother Jones.


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A White House report that claims the surge is working only throws fuel on the fire among both parties in Congress to push for withdrawal.

Dire predictions aside, it's not too late for a unified, nationalist Iraq to emerge from the rubble.

A new Pentagon report documents how the Bush Administration fooled us once with lies about Iraq's Al Qaeda ties. Will that keep them from fooling us again on Iran?

More violence, waning chances for reconciliation and a trove of secrets taken to the grave.

The Iraq Study Group report is a stunning rebuke of Bush's Iraq policy. But its central premise--that the US can support the nonexistent Iraqi government and bolster its viciously sectarian armed forces--is fatally flawed.

The foreign policy establishment knows the Iraq War is lost, but the
search for an acceptable exit strategy has only just begun.

The Iraq Study Group report comes too late for the 600,000 people who died in carnage that is likely to worsen. It won't satisfy the antiwar movement because it sets no timetable for withdrawal. But it does mark the beginning of the end of America's criminal war of aggression.

Did Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, run a covert program with operatives in high-level US government positions to influence the Bush Administration's decision to go to war in Iraq?


The neocons haven't given up on "regime change" in Iran. Don't count them out.


Patience is needed on all sides, and the US ought to make clear what sanctions relief Iran can expect once a deal is done.
The BJP and its sister group, the paramilitary RSS, could accelerate sectarian divisions and, perhaps, worsen the conflict with Pakistan.
Boko Haram is a monstrous group, but fighting it is not America’s job.
Hardliners in Israel, in Iran and in Congress are in the minority, it seems.
If so, perhaps a diplomatic resolution of the Ukraine crisis is in sight.
Two cheers for the president's centrist foreign policy. 
The web of hydrocarbon ties between Germany and Russia will heat the planet, but cool the conflict.
A former State Department official says that the way to stop Putin in Ukraine is to bomb Syria. Get it? Me neither.