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Robert Dreyfuss, a Nation contributing editor, is an investigative journalist specializing in politics and national security. He is the author of Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam and is a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone, The American Prospect and Mother Jones.


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A new and growing Sunni resistance movement in Iraq could shatter the false sense of post-surge calm--and it might get Russian support.

He's no George W. Bush, but will Obama's foreign policy bring us back to the days of the bipartisan, establishment consensus?

Iranians' attitudes toward Ahmadinejad range from sullen tolerance to bitter hostility.

The Nobel Prize-winning activist says US threats, regime-change rhetoric and efforts to promote democracy only give Iran's leaders an excuse to intensify repression.

The latest round of Iraq's Shiite vs. Shiite civil war was to have been Bush's defining moment. The result: utter humiliation for the US and the Iraqi government.

The GOP nominee favors unilateralism and "rogue state rollback."

Maybe. But Iraqis mistrust Iran as much as they do the United States.

An emerging Sunni-Shiite coalition could change the face of Iraq--if the
United States steps back and gets out of the way.

Across the political spectrum in Iraq, a nationalistic bloc is emerging to challenge the Kurdish and Shiite separatists who have held sway under US tutelage.

Iraq has become a liability the GOP can hardly afford.


In which our ambassador to the European Union says, rather undiplomatically, "Fuck the EU!"
The United States may be leaving, but the war that Washington started in 2001—thirteen years ago—isn’t over.
The United States is still involved in Iraq, though more quietly.
President Benigno Aquino compares China’s offshore assertiveness to Hitler’s Sudetenland grab.
The Israel lobby, defeated on Iran, is in a weakened state when it comes to what it really cares about: Israel itself.
Peace talks are underway, but the Post apparently believes that war threats are a better option.
The Syria peace conference is a good start, but there’s a long, long way to go.
But excluding Tehran will only make the peace conference that much harder.