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Pratap Chatterjee

Pratap Chatterjee is the author of Halliburton's Army: How A Well-Connected Texas Oil Company Revolutionized the Way America Makes War. He is the managing editor of CorpWatch.


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Imagine if drone wars had a human face all the time so that we could understand what it was like to live constantly with the specter of death.

It's increasingly clear that the online world is, for both government surveillance types and corporate sellers, a new Wild West where anything goes.

Mining your information for Big Brother.

Assassination in Afghanistan and Task Force 373.

When it's all over and we finally do leave, the Afghans of Bamiyan Province will be at least as poor as they ever were in what will remain a devastated country.

KBR civilian workers can be found in every nook and cranny of US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, thanks to sweetheart contracts negotiated in the Bush/Cheney era. Is this any way to run the military?