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Peter Kornbluh

Peter Kornbluh is a senior analyst at the National Security Archive in Washington, and co-author (with William M. LeoGrande) of the forthcoming book, Back Channel To Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations between Washington and Havana.


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The Cuban exile has a long record of terror, but his trial, starting today, is on lesser charges.

A victory by Sebastian Pinera in the Chilean marks a major turning point in the post-Pinochet transition, and a return to power of some of the hardcore rightists who collaborated with the military regime.

Peru's disgraced former president becomes the first democratically elected head of state to be extradited, tried and convicted of human rights crimes.

Most authoritarians leave office in a coup or a coffin. Fidel Castro is leaving on his own terms.

Five Cuban counterterrorism experts are being held indefinitely in
American prisons while the "bin Laden of Latin America" is let free.

The godfather of vicious anti-Castro violence, Luis Posada Carriles
will soon be released from US custody. Is that any way to treat a

Chile's Supreme Court handed Augusto Pinochet both a victory and a blow
with its recent rulings on Operation Columbo and Operation Condor.

Will the Bush Administration recognize that anti-Castro radical Luis Posada Carriles is a terrorist?