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Neve Gordon

Neve Gordon is the author of Israel’s Occupation (2008) and recently completed, with Nicola Perugini, The Human Right to Dominate (forthcoming from Oxford University Press).


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In the latest round of violence, the Israeli government has been rebuked by its own security chief.

This latest evidence of hatred is an alarming reminder of how a wonderful educational project continues to stand on precarious ground.

An Israeli court absolved the state of responsibility for her death. But the memory of this courageous activist for Palestinian rights will help advance her cause.

The government is blocking access to websites at the airport and moving bills through the Knesset to stifle political speech. Where will it end?

Christian evangelicals are donating saplings to make the Israeli desert bloom—but they're doing it on land now being seized from Bedouins.

If Israel was indeed defending its borders yesterday morning, Israel is also responsible for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip—their livelihood as well as their security.

Her sacrifice has helped to internationalize the struggle--as well as the battle over Israel's image.

Pushed by Obama to dismantle illegal settlements, Netanyahu manipulates the media to show Israel will end up in a civil war if the White House stands firm.

Israeli voters have elected a majority of lawmakers who are against the two-state solution. Now it's up to the world--and the Obama administration--to respond.

The masters of Israel's war on Gaza have fashioned a bizarre moral code that provides humanitarian assistance to the very civilians they are shooting at.