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Michael Gould-Wartofsky

Michael is an award-winning author and a MacCracken Fellow in Sociology at New York University, where he is a member of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC/UAW 2110). A native of New York City and a graduate of Harvard College, his work has appeared in The Nation, The Huffington Post, The Harvard Crimson, Jewish Currents, Monthly Review, and Poets Against the War (Nation Books, 2003). His writing has received Harvard’s James Gordon Bennett Prize and the New York Times James B. Reston Award.


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Campus spies. Pepper spray. SWAT teams. Welcome to Repress U, class of 2012.

Millions of recently declassified police documents detail a thirty-six-year reign of state terror.

Thousands of young activists are poised to protest at the Democratic and Republican conventions. In the age of Obama, is street protest still relevant?

Surveillance 101: Big Brother goes to college.

The fast-food giant's insistence on paying poverty wages to tomato pickers could backfire, as student activists' campaign for fair food cuts into their business.