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Mark Green is the former Public Advocate for New York City and author/editor of a couple dozen books, including Who Runs Congress and Losing Our Democracy. He's the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Both Sides Now.


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We all know the damage done by corporate money in politics. On January 19, we have the opportunity to do something about it.

Following the values of progressive patriotism, here's an ambitious agenda for the forty-fourth president's first--and second--terms.

In just six years, Bush has squandered centuries of American progress. It's time to start repairing the damage.

Here's a list of actions Congress must take to help the nation recover from the Bush Administration's assaults on our liberties and values.

A blueprint for a progressive patriotism.

With firmness and style, President Reagan has commandeered the rhetorical high ground by his "program for economic recovery." The phrases and concepts of Reaganomics--get government off our backs

Eric Alterman and Mark Green would like to thank Jenny Stepp for her research on this article.

Campaign finance reform can succeed--but only if the pressure stays on.