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Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein writes about health care for the Media Wire project at the Media Consortium. She is a freelance investigative journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her reporting has appeared in Salon, Slate, In These Times, AlterNet, RH Reality Check, the New York Press, and Raw Story. Her photojournalism has been published in TIME Magazine.

Lindsay covered the 2008 election for Firedoglake’s Campaign Silo. She received a 2009 Project Censored Real News Award for her reporting on homeland security and civil liberties. In 2007 she delivered the Norman E. Richardson lecture at the University of Gettysburg on journalism and philosophy. She covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 with the help of a grant from the Rappaport Foundation.


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In search of the elusive, filibuster-proof sixtieth vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has eviscerated the Senate's healthcare reform bill.

It takes sixty votes to pass an amendment and most of the proposed measures for the healthcare bill will never pass. Still, a great opportunity to grandstand over pet issues.

Will conservative and liberal objections to the Senate healthcare bill's provisions regarding women's health doom the legislation?

The final House health reform bill has a public option all right, but not the robust version progressives were hoping for.

Progressives rejoiced when Sen. Harry Reid announced that the Senate healthcare bill would include a public option. But the jubilation was short-lived.

A Congressional Budget Office report suggesting that a robust public option would actually cut the deficit seems to have lit a fire under Speaker Pelosi.