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Krystie Yandoli

Krystie Yandoli is a senior women and gender studies and English and textual studies major. Her column appears every Wednesday in the Daily Orange.


I wanted a president who believed in the same issues that I did. Yet for many of us, what came after Obama’s campaign was a string of...
The complexities of racial tensions on campus are too many and the stakes too high to allow white student unions at universities.
Pick a women’s college basketball team, and cheer them on this season.
The Feminist Harry Potter Tumblr and Hunger Is Not a Game campaign are great examples of  how fan activism can influence social...
"The youth didn't lose energy, we lost our leader."
A different way to celebrate the Hallmark holiday.  
A trio of bills in California supporting LGBT rights represent an important shift in the right direction.
Students involved in the University of Connecticut’s Occupy movement didn’t take a break from protesting during finals week...