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Karen Rothmyer

Karen Rothmyer, a former Nation managing editor, lives in Kenya but is currently a visiting fellow at Cambridge University.


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The reports I’ve seen describe Nairobi’s Westgate mall as upscale, but that’s not the whole story, and not how I remember it.

The ICC’s decision to prosecute Uhuru Kenyatta for crimes against humanity—and the Court’s imperial demeanor—invigorated his Kikuyu base.

Has the ICC struck a blow against impunity or heightened tensions—or both?

A former volunteer offers a more timely—and radical—alternative.

A recent economic study rejects the conventional depiction of the continent as a basket case.

The 1960 "airlift" of 800 African students to study in the United States lent a crucial boost to John F. Kennedy's popularity among African-Americans.

R.I.P. Newspapers--but Not the News

Belmont, Mass.

The Obama administration is sending mixed signals on how to deal with pirates.

A nation riven by differences marvels at
his message of civility and inclusion. Yet there is some worry about an
Obama administration's policies on Africa.