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Julia Ramírez Blanco

 Julia Ramírez Blanco is an art historian and critic based in Madrid, currently writing her PhD on contemporary art and utopia. She has taught at Tufts University and Skidmore College in Madrid and published several texts including the prologue for the Spanish edition of Hans Prinzhorn´s Artistry of the Mentally Ill (Expresiones de la locuraCátedra,  2012) and a Spanish translation of Erwin Panofsky´s Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism (La arquitectura gótica y la escolástica, Siruela, 2007). She is especially interested in the intersection of art and politics, and she has collaborated with a variety of magazines as well as the newspaper El Mundo.


In all societies, in some form or another, there are young people who live in abandoned properties without the consent of the property...
The general strike that swept Spain on November 14 was a fusion of traditional union efforts and a new breed of radical protest entirely.
With university fees rising, general social budgets disappearing and the youth unemployment rate over 50 percent, it is no wonder that many...