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Juan Cole

Juan Cole, who maintains the blog Informed Comment, is the Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan and author, most recently, of Engaging the Muslim World.


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How Israel’s Gaza blockade and Washington’s sanctions policy helped keep the hardliners in power.

Paranoia over the Pashtuns along the Afghan border isn't unique to Washington, just to empire. The British had a case of it 100 years ago.

In the wake of a charismatic speech, it's clear that a substantial majority of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims are rooting for him.

The removal of US troops must be prompt, complete and coupled with smart diplomacy.

American politicians should stop implying that Muslim nations and individuals are more dangerous than any other group of human beings. They should also stop calling their religion "fascist."

Bush's war on Iraq mirrors Napoleon's invasion of Egypt--two disastrous attempts to reshape the Middle East.

Bush's ineptitude has made a regional war in the Middle East a real possibility. Can diplomacy find a way out?

All nations are modern inventions, but those fashioned in the Middle East show their scaffolding more than most.

Iran's elections, scheduled for February 20, have provoked the gravest political crisis in that country in twenty years.

The Iranian student demonstrations that began on June 10 initially
protested plans to privatize Teheran University and to raise tuition.
They quickly became a forum for criticizing the repressi