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Johann Hari

Johann Hari is a columnist for the Independent in London and a contributing writer for Slate.


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British liberals' protests have been ignored for years. So why did a campaign against the country's biggest tax dodgers suddenly gain traction?

Gather some friends, pick a tax dodger and get on the street!

Demented deniers, welcome to the USA!

Johann Hari's piece "The Wrong Kind of Green" takes mainstream environmental groups to task for selling out their principles, often in exchange for money from the worst polluters.  We invited a range of green groups mentioned in the article to respond to Hari's arguments in this special online forum.

The Nature Conservancy has acknowledged the oil leak in the Gulf, but failed to mention BP. Could it be because the Conservancy has close ties to the oil company? Johann Hari reports on the relationship between conservation groups and corporate cash.