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Jeff Biggers

Jeff Biggers is the author of Reckoning at Eagle Creek: The Secret Legacy of Coal in the Heartland, forthcoming from Nation Books.


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Arizona's notorious anti-immigrant crusader is about to become the first State Senate president in US history to be recalled.

In the wake of the shooting tragedy, the nation is seeing a true reflection of a state often misrepresented by its right-wing fringe.

How can we even have a discussion about decent gun control laws when guns and the gun lobby are woven into the fabric of life for those of us who grew up in Arizona?

She has been to the mountaintop—and we must fight harder to save it.

Appalachian activists are gaining ground in a campaign to ban mountaintop removal mining.

An important announcement suggests that environmental justice may be coming to the Appalachian coalfields.


Every day that the Washington University chancellor fails to answer questions and demands for the university to cut ties with the energy...
As the national debate on comprehensive immigration reform heats up, Georgia activists are fighting racist state-level policy.
Mexican American Studies co-founder Sean Arce talks about the future of multicultural education in Arizona.
Award-winning historian and educator Dr. Rodolfo “Rudy” Acuña discusses the Tea Party’s chilling attack on his...
At a press conference Wednesday, Tucson Superintendent John Huppenthal declared the district's Ethnic Studies/MAS Program to be out of...
The Ethnic Studies issue is about to explode again this week in Arizona.
Stumbling further into the quagmire of a national public relations disaster, drastic new measures by the Tucson Unified School District...