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James Cersonsky

James Cersonsky is a Philadelphia-based writer and activist. Prior to this year, he contributed to Student Nation as a student-community activist in New Haven, Connecticut.


The Nation spoke with a group of organizers about the challenges and horizons of the American student movement.
As school districts bolster their police forces, students across California are pushing Sacramento for restorative justice.
Today’s actions follow a recent groundswell of student walkouts—and months of organizing.
In a case of shaking-the-hand-that-slaps you, the Pennsylvania state school will host the Tea Party governor for its May 18 commencement....
This week, students and staff will walk out of class and off the job in support of a comprehensive set of demands for worker rights and...
In the wake of Newtown, students are upping the fight against racial injustice in school discipline.
With tools from 1964, community activists are pushing the White House to turn federal education policy around.
Spanish-speaking voters at several polling places in North Philly have been left without interpreters.