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J. Lester Feder

J. Lester Feder is a freelance journalist based in Washington, DC.


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Before the healthcare reform bill reaches President Obama's desk, here are the issues that are still worth fighting on to ensure reform helps as many Americans as possible.

How do the House and Senate bills compare on affordability and enforceability?

Healthcare reform is looking less like a fantasy and more like a probability--but we need to keep a close watch on affordability, financing and the public option.

Progressives need to be as concerned about insurance coverage affordability as we are about a public option.

Advocacy groups have helped to keep the public option on the negotiating table, but it may not remain in the final bill.

A realistic public healthcare plan should rein in costs, fix uncompetitive markets and change the way medicine is practiced.

Can Washington summon the will to cut costs, raise revenues and cover the uninsured?

Even without an infusion of federal dollars, green jobs are becoming a reality in cities like Newark, New Jersey.

McCain would encourage employers to cut coverage. No joke: that's his plan.