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Ira Chernus

Ira Chernus is a professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of Apocalypse Management: Eisenhower and the Discourse of National Insecurity. Read more of his writing on Israel, Palestine and American Jews on his blog.


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In an age in which gloom, doom and annihilation are everywhere, it’s vital to bring genuine hope back into political life.

We continue to obsess about Iran's fantasy weapons, but pay remarkably little attention to the existing nuclear weapons in the region—Israel's.

At long last, this may be the year Washington puts the brakes on Israeli settlement expansion into Palestinian lands. 

Obama shows no inclination to back his words on the 1967 borders with the power the US government could wield.

US opinion-shapers have obeyed these "Three Commandments" for decades, helping to create an indelible image of Israel as a deeply insecure nation.

Why are we still in Afghanistan? Might it have something to do with the myth of national security—or, more accurately, national insecurity, since it always tells us who and what to fear?

Election Day 2010 may look like a victory for the hawks, but it could turn out to be a step toward their long-term defeat.

Just what is at stake for the Obama administration in the Israeli-Palestinian tangle?

Why the Obama administration's efforts to achieve a Middle East peace between the Israelis and Palestinians are inextricably linked to its efforts to bring Iran to heel.