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Graham Usher

Graham Usher is a writer and journalist who has written extensively about the Arab world and South Asia.


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The tangled diplomacy over UN recognition seemed to affirm that Hamas’s defiance pays greater dividends than the Palestinian Authority’s conciliation.

There have been some clashes, but so far, the Lebanese—especially Hezbollah—have shown remarkable restraint.

An emerging coalition between moderate Islamism and progressive social democracy may be the best bulwark against autocracy and extremism in the region.

The Palestinian leader’s defiance of Washington was applauded in Ramallah. But his diplomatic daring has little chance of success without a unified national strategy that draws energy from the Arab uprisings.

The PA’s bid could mark a definitive break from the failed Oslo paradigm, which has brought Palestinians neither peace nor a state.

Without social justice for unemployed youth, revolutionary hopes may descend into class war.

Bin Laden's death offers President Obama a chance to end the war in Afghanistan and to prevent one in Pakistan.

There's a hole in the heart of our Af-Pak policy. It's called peace between Pakistan and India. And no amount of aid will fill it.

He says Afghanistan is the war America should be fighting. But on this much-ballyhooed listening tour, will he be hearing anything he doesn't already know?

The US military's aggressive confrontation with the Taliban and its Al Qaeda cohorts in Pakistan is only making matters worse.