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Ellen Cantarow

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Ellen Cantarow

Ellen Cantarow, musician and writer, reported from the West Bank
and Israel during the 1980s for the Village Voice, Mother Jones,
Grand Street and other publications. She has visited and about the region periodically since 2000.


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The millions of miles of distribution and service pipelines crisscrossing the nation mean that countless Americans—even those living far from gas fields—find themselves on the frontlines of fracking. 

Farming communities are being turned into huge, open-air laboratories by energy companies—with ordinary people serving as guinea pigs.

In small hamlets and tiny towns you’ve never heard of, grassroots activists are taking a stand in what could be the final showdown for Earth’s future.

The environmental nightmare you know nothing about.

Widespread resistance to natural gas fracking is rising above New York's Marcellus Shale.

Energy is ugly. Some forms more so than others, as nuclear near-meltdowns in Japan, the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and deaths in a West Virginia coal mine explosion have driven home in the last year.

"I am Jewish. I am Israeli. I am a citizen of this state, and I am very upset."