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Christopher Lisotta

Christopher Lisotta is a writer and television producer in California. In 2005 he won a GLAAD Media Award for an article he wrote for The Nation.


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Since California's Prop 8, gay activists of a new generation have jumped into the fray.

Energized by Obama's candidacy, expatriate Americans are voting in record numbers this year.

Champagne corks are popping in the Castro and West Hollywood, but elsewhere in America, the fight is just beginning.

As the strike continues, Writers Guild members have turned the Internet into an organizing tool.

As a gay rights bill moved through Congress, some prominent Democrats tried to exclude protections for transgenders. The LGBT community revolted.

To describe the election results of November 2 as a setback for LGBT rights is an understatement.

Being a gay or lesbian Republican isn't easy. Social conservatives condemn your "homosexual lifestyle," while your friends (and lovers) on the left see you as part of the antigay problem.

The marriage-equality movement confronts anti-gay sentiment among blacks.