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Carrie Battan is a writer in New York and former Nation web intern. Follow her on Twitter @cBattan.


Intercollegiate rivalry isn't all about the academics anymore. It's also about eco-friendliness, says the Sierra Club.
At the urgings of a student pro-life group, UNC now gives students the choice to exclude abortion coverage from their student health...
 A group of high schoolers investigate buses and cars idling longer than legally permitted.
 One Canadian university is sending students to help green small rural communities in Alberta.
College students currently spend an average of $900 a year on textbooks—a number that has increased at four times the rate of...
The US and French systems are vastly differrent, but if we're any example, the French have got their work cut out for them.
Who’d have thought a celebrated Ivy League medical center would be practicing genital cutting on small children?