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Betsy Reed

Betsy Reed

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Betsy Reed is the executive editor of The Nation. She and Nation senior editor Richard Kim co-edited the New York Times bestseller Going Rouge: Sarah Palin--An American Nightmare.

She is also the editor of Unnatural Disaster: The Nation on Hurricane Katrina, a collection of the magazine's coverage of the storm and its aftermath published by Nation Books on the hurricane's one-year anniversary, and of the anthology Nothing Sacred: Women Respond to Religious Fundamentalism and Terror, published by Nation Books in 2003.


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With enemies like Sarah Palin, who needs friends?

How Hillary Clinton's campaign played the race card--and drove a wedge into the feminist movement.

For better or worse, there isn't always magic in marriage, but it does involve a certain alchemy.


In the nonsensical Palin universe, "rogue" means walking in lockstep with the Christian right.
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One of the more deeply twisted--and, one would have hoped, now thoroughly discredited--right-wing storylines of the Bush era is currently...
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Now this is truly sick. "Canadacare May Have Killed Natasha" says the New York Post, trumpeting an article written by Cory...
In the coming months, the Obama Administration and the Senate will have the chance to right a major wrong of the Bush era: the US...