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Andy Kroll

Andy Kroll is a reporter in the D.C. bureau of Mother Jones magazine and an associate editor at TomDispatch. A former intern at The Nation, his writing has appeared in Campus Progress, CBSNews.com and The Progressive Review. He can be reached at akroll (at) motherjones (dot) com.


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In this banana republic, billionaires don't need to go to the Cayman Islands to park their savings.

California has gutted the budget for what was once a shining example of public higher education, leaving students saddled with more debt and fewer options. 

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Life support for our economy is nowhere close to arriving. One lost decade may have ended, but the next one has likely only begun.

The unions and Democrats came up just one seat short in a tumultuous uphill battle to take control of the state Senate, but was what happened a victory or a defeat?

How racism, global economics, and the New Jim Crow fuel black America’s crippling jobs crisis.

What does the fact that a million souls flocked to McDonald's in search of a steady paycheck say about the American economy?

Will the GOP's latest crusade against unions spark a movement that can fill the space left by those unions which, nationwide, stare down their own demise?