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Alisa Solomon

Alisa Solomon, director of the arts and culture concentration at the Columbia Journalism School, is the author of Wonder of Wonders: A Cultural History of “Fiddler on the Roof.”


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The World Social Forum marched into Nairobi full of conflict, action and ideas.

The controversy over the World Trade Center cultural
institutions is one more episode in a long, often bitter dispute over
how 9/11 should be remembered and understood.

Steve Kurtz is being persecuted to warn off anyone who dares to contest the joint enterprise of science, profit, Pentagon and state.

Jeremy Hinzman fled north rather than be deployed in a war he regards as a "criminal enterprise."

This year's World Social Forum gave culture its due--and reaped the rewards.

Imagining the possibilities at the World Social Forum.

Protests over the conduct of the Iraq war are mounting from what seems an unlikely place: the ranks of the military.

The Bush era has seen an explosion of sharply political creativity.

Unlike news reports, theater isn't expected to stick to the facts. By nature, the form is duplicitous, built on a sandy foundation of make-believe and pretense.

Gay nuptials combine pomp and protest.