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Alec Luhn

Alec Luhn is a Moscow-based journalist who has written for The Guardian, The Independent, Slate, GlobalPost and other publications.


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An expert on the North Caucasus rates the chance of attack as “high—four out of five.”

Coverage focused on the call for European integration has largely glossed over the rise in nationalist rhetoric that has led to violence. 

But legislative changes are making it still more difficult for opposition candidates to win.

Meanwhile, activists organized a counter-summit to discuss the problems world leaders were unwilling to address. 

The anti-corruption activist’s mayoral campaign in Moscow is dividing voters, while testing the country’s diminished opposition party.

Russian lawmakers claim it would curb US access to Russian Internet data. But the real goal, critics say, would be to enable greater Russian surveillance over online activist activity.

In Russia, activists struggle against rising homophobia and a government crack down on LGBT rights.

The well-known musician talks about the adoption ban, Pussy Riot and the future of the opposition movement.


Recent outbursts of student activism are raising hopes for the emergence of a Russian student movement on the heels of the mass political...
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