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Regarding Andrew Lam's sadness at the loss of the American Dream ( a big house), I am an American living in Europe, and we are used to small spaces at high cost and living on top of each other. I feel sad for you, because you appear to only see the size of a residence as having an effect on your "lifestyle". I am happy with my small, expensive apartment for reasons you don't mention. My tax money pays for clean, well-lit streets around my building, complete with green spaces for dogs. I can walk to groceries, dentists, movies, organic stores, hardware stores, the hairdresser, library, concert hall. I can bus to doctor, train station, museums, restaurants, within fifteen minutes. What you are sad about it seems to me is what is not available to your neighbors (cost too much) and outside your door; not the size of your dwelling. When we live close together, we can get the benefits of high-density living if our governments are responsive to our city's needs. (If not, fire them and get a different government.) And forget the commute in order to afford a larger house--that road is a dead end with what we know about climate change. Cheer up: Small can be cozy!