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You have written an astonishingly eloquent and erudite article revealing that "race still matters", whether we want to own it or not.

Without question, in my opinion, Mr. Obama is certainly "black enough". The debate about his worthiness to lead America as a "black man" is evidence of that. In addition, his own life experience could hardly divorce him from issues about race.

My test for any candidate is their putting their votes and influence where their rhetoric is. Mr. Obama will have to put some meat on the bones of his "more hopefull America" theme and outline what he intends to do about race as well as the other crisis facing our crumbling national fabric and our nearly disintergrated international relations.

I believe that the interest of Black Americans have value for all Americans and should not be considered "special interest issues". Black Americans want the same things as anyone else; opportunity, equity and safety. The legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and now globalism have entrenched much of this community into an "underclass status." This trend can also be said of the poor and working poor in general and now the disappearing middle class in America! However, the granddaddy of exceptions if you will is always race which marginalizes even the brightest and best of African decent.

Surely, Mr. Obama will bear the brunt of many of these questions. It is his contest to honor who he truly is and ours to judge unfortunately through race colored glasses.